1000 Years in the Future Experiment, this time with more Countries: Part 3, Success, Sort Of

The first attempt I was way to optimistic, I loaded 24 nations, created a coach, and went on the eternal vacation.

The game started to crash in the 2220’s, which I expected, just not that early.

Then it crashed hard in the 2300’s. And by crashing hard I mean when trying to load the save the game crashed back to the desktop. So, back the drawing board. This time 12 countries. The game started to crash in the late 2300’s, no problem. Mid 2400’s, hard crash. So I looked at the countries I had loaded, to see who the culprit might be.

England? No.

France? Non.

Germany? Unsere Fußball-Liga-Struktur ist der Inbegriff deutscher Präzision und Perfektion, schau woanders hin, du Idiot!

America? Ding Ding Ding! We have a winner, because I am pretty sure not even the MLS knows the ins and outs of its own rules are, and 400 plus years into a save I think the game broke itself trying to figure it out as well…

So I started again with 8 countries. England, France, Germany, Italy, Brazil, Chile, Portugal and Belgium.

Yes, I forgot Spain. Sorry.

In the 2500’s the game started crashing again. This was not unexpected, because at some point the video card starts throwing an error that causes the game to crash every 8-12 years, 10 being average. So I loaded the last save, renamed it, and started simming again. In the mid 2600’s, it crashed. This time with a ‘The computer is out of memory’ error, which I thought odd, because my laptop has 32GB of Ram.

So I moved the game to my PC, and simmed it when I wasn’t playing it. I wasn’t to sure about the whole RAM issue so I looked at my task manager one day, and it said FM was using 16% of my memory, and I thought “Jellico, that’s not too bad…”

The I realized in my PC i have 128GB of Ram, and 16% of that is 20GB. And that’s not including what the computer uses for its own background processes…

Anyhow, the game ran well until the 2800’s. Then it started crashing again. And the later it got, the shorter time frame between crashes. And in 2854, You can load the game, but it crashes the day after you try simming it. At least it did for me.

So, 2852 being a nice number, I asked JD, who did such a great job with last years video, if he wanted to do it again this year, he said “Yes, me and my mates at the Managers Seat would be willing to help out!” and I sent them the save file, and a week later he tell me they were chatting with Zealand about something unrelated and mentioned the save and Zealand said something to the effect of (and I am paraphrasing here, apologies if this is wrong Z) “I’d love to help with a video on that.” And a couple of discord chats and a recording session later, we were done, and Z’s editors did their usual bang up job in editing.

Watch the video here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6EyxZYQ_W0Y

Download the save file here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1bdg6q1r1y693jy/Lazarus_Long_-_2852.fm/file

A Big Thanks, to Zealand, his editors, JD, Stinger, Leyo and Llama for helping get this out to the masses.

Now, for some answers to questions I know will be asked:

No, I do not have Mickey Higgenson’s attributes, the game was actually running really well then and I do not have a save from when he was playing, and that’s my fault.

For those of you wondering, the is his profile page:


And this is his 2814 World Cup performance.


If you want me to look up a country or results. ask on the video or on the Reddit post I’ve made about this as well please:


Some notes, last years save was 6 countries at 1000 years. That Dbase was smaller than this years version of 8 countries at 830 years. It will load, you can search, but some things like transfer windows and the like will take awhile to load.

Bigger Countries that are playable will have a lost more diversity in results. Thats why Spain has been dominated by two teams, it was not playable. Smaller countries seem to have a diversity of results despite not being playable and I am not sure why…

And yes, I will do this again next year.

Thanks for Reading!


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