1000 Years in the Future Experiment, this time with more Countries: Part 2 Failure and Success

Well, when I started the second attempt at this save, I wanted to go bigger, and I did, and I think that’s what’s causing the issues the save is having now. While simming on the laptop, there were always a few crashes related to the video card, it’s a NVIDIA thing that can’t be fixed really, but I noticed it was crashing more often, then a day or two ago would crash after just a days worth of simming. So I moved the save over to the Maingear, and it ran great for about a week, processing each day didn’t take too long, and then it crashed, more than once. Which leads me to believe it’s something in the database causing the issue.

And from my point of view, that makes sense. We’re trying to make the program do something it’s not really designed to do, and I think it reached a point here that it can’t reconcile something in the background and as a result, here we are in February of 2361. In looking at my original setup, I think I was way too ambitious and the database was to big. I am going to take a look at things this weekend, but I think I can keep the same countries, but if I put the leagues on Playable/View Only below, and reduce the size of the database as a result, we should get a better long term save, so I am going to look at that this weekend, and probably restart this again here in a week or so.

That said, adding the additional countries was a good thing, it definitely increased the diversity of results, and while in some of the bigger leagues the power teams are still winning, they aren’t nearly as dominating as they were the first time around. Where the additional countries really come into play are competition like the World Cup, the Champions League, and the Euro Cup, the results in those competitions are quite fun to look thru.

The save has been uploaded to Mediafire here: https://www.mediafire.com/file/1t7e80vdmok0wqo/Lazarus_Long_-_1000_Year_Save_Start.fm/file Have a look around, let us find out what you find. The file is 2.8Gb in size, and considering the last 1000 year save I did was 3.72Gb, well, that’s telling in and of itself. I do have attribute masking turned off, so you should be able to look at players.

Now, some screenshot’s to pique some interest:

Just and idea of some of the teams winning in the future.
Old and New
Hope Spring Eternal for some countries.

Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for another update on the next attempt!


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