Plans for the Future?

I have many plans for the future.

Although as I am fond of saying:  “Custer had a plan, too.”

FM20 brought about some very nice changes to those of us who are spreadsheet fanatics.  From my point of view, the changes they have made to player status’, and contracts, and not to mention the fact you now have some more control over coaches salaries and the like is very cool.

The fact we cannot export to .csv is still very, very annoying.  I will be the first to admit when it comes to programming I am not the person you want to go to for that sort of thing.  But it’s 2020 SI, how hard could it be to add that functionality?  That’s an honest question.

When FM20 was released, I didn’t have a lot of spare time.  I had a small personal playthru with Palace to try and familiarize myself with the new changes, then started a Beta save with AC Milan, which you can watch here. However, this was a particularly bad time of year for me time wise.  Work was busy (Yay!), but the family life was a bit hectic, and then then November and December got terribly busy as other, more important personal project took over most of my time.  Forza Milan! was three episodes a week, MWF, at least I tried for three episodes a week.

Then my laptop started having issues.  It’s a very nice laptop, an Alienware 17 that’s been very good to me since I bought it.  But it started, glitching, for lack of a better term. Had it cleaned out, replaced a couple of parts, and nothing seemed to make it better, but at the same time it didn’t get worse.  I like laptops, because of the nature of my work I spend the majority of my time on one, but upgrading them is a pain, and after talking with Household Six, I figured if I am going to invest in a new system, I’m going to get a tower, and one I can upgrade in the future should I want to.

So, after doing some research, I built a system over at MAINGEAR, and said this is what I’m looking at doing.  And a couple of hours later I received a reply that said essentially “You case is to big for what you have selected, and if you downgrade to this one you save some money, and your machine will be more efficient.”  To which I said “I am totally spending a goodly amount of money with you now, here’s what I want, can I get it by Christmas?”

And they said “Maybe?  We’ll try, but were super busy.”  So, on December 21st, the new Mistress, as Household Six calls it, arrived.

For those geeks out there reading, here’s what I have now:

Chassis: MAINGEAR VYBE Mk. V – Matte Black
Motherboard: ASUS ROG Crosshair VIII Hero w/ WIFI – ATX
Processor: AMD RYZEN 9 3950X 16-Core 3.5GHz (4.7GHz Boost)
Processor Cooling: [Closed Loop Liquid Cooling] MAINGEAR Epic 240
MAINGEAR Redline Processor Overclocking: AMD Turbo Boost Advanced Automatic Overclocking
Memory: 32GB HyperX Predator RGB DDR4 3200MHz (2x16GB)
Graphics Card: AMD Radeon RX 5700 XT 8GB GDDR6
Power Supply: EVGA 750W SuperNOVA B2 80+ BRONZE

FM looks great on it.  All of my games look and run great on it.  Jellico is a very, happy gamer.  Not a better gamer, but happier.

Over the Christmas break I did a little recording, and this past weekend I’ve been editing what I recorded.  It took a 36 long minute video in Resolve and compiled it to 1920x1080HD in MP4 format in 8 minutes.  Now, this was sort of the 21st Century I was promised.

But, Forza Milan! was intended to be a short term save.  I’ve finished the 2nd season, and am about a third of the way thru season three, and then that’s it.

So, the question then is:  What next?

I had plans of doing a single club save, another road to Glory, but I’ve done that three years in a row now.  It’s fun, but part of me wants to do something like an Eastern European only journeyman save.  The pronunciation errors alone could be worth it.

I am looking at doing something like a Skins review, because I can never use just one, and it’s not something I’ve seen on Youtube.  Of course, my search-fu could be weak there.

Anyhow, plans for 2020.  Go back to five uploads a week.  Skins review, new save.  I’m writing these with Jell-o on a hot Phoenix sidewalk, so what could possibly go wrong?  🙂

Thanks for the feedback on previous posts, and I will say, no mo matter what save I do, I’ll probably still be tinkering around with the spreadsheets.

As soon as I get everything transferred over to the new system.  Good thing I have a ten year old to help me with that…




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