It’s finally in video format

Apologies on this taking so long, real life and the like has gotten in the way again (and you’d think it would be more considerate really), but part one of the video series accompanying the posts here will be going live tomorrow, that’s Monday the 11th of March, 2019, on my YouTube Channel at 7AM GST.

It will be covering the Squad Comparison and Attribute Analysis section of the spreadsheet.  Further episodes will cover the Budgetary/Wage Analysis section, the schedule section, and then I do have a bit of a ramble at the end about what I’d like to add in the future as well.

The plan is try and upload a video on this every week.   After the first video goes live I will have a link to a blank web sheet with three tabs on it, two for roster attribute comparison, and one for attribute analysis, probably hosted on MediaFire, the link will be in the description of the video.

Any feedback on the videos and spreadsheet is welcomed, you can request features to be added, and I’ll see what I can do as well, but no promises there.   Leave those down below, or hit me up on Twitter, the Football Manager Slack, or the couple of FM Discords I also hang out on from time to time.

Thanks for reading!


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